Monday, February 18, 2013

Firehouse Field Trip!

The kids went on their first field trip last week with school.  With this preschool parents are required to go with the kids if you want them to participate in the trip.  They've had a few others this year but with pregnancy and a newborn, we've missed them.  

The Fire Station was fun to go see though...and although i think of myself as an expert, having watched all of the Chicago Fire episodes, i can't remember ever having been to a one before.  It was a little funny taking a tour of the house and listening to the firemen talk to little 2-4 yr olds who of course were not listening.  But of course we got to the Fire Truck all was good...that's all that mattered anyway!

waiting to begin with Jack
 The kitchen--interesting fact.  When they get a call and have to leave, the firemen just hit a button out in the garage and it turns everything off in the kitchen so they don't have any more fires to attend to!
 Comfy chairs in the TV room
 Where they sleep
 and their closets



 They got their own hats before they left!  Firemen in Training!

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