Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's rare to get snow here in Fayetteville, even though we heard it may happen i wasn't really expecting anything.  Then we look outside and the biggest flakes i've ever seen were falling from the sky.  I quickly bundled up the kids to take them outside and see it not thinking it would last very long. 

 Then still snowing after nap and about an inch or two on the ground...we go back outside to play in it for a few minutes before our naked hands and wet pants were enough.  (yeah, maybe i should get us some gloves, haha)

i tried to get them to do snow angels...
in true Holden fashion, he didn't want anything to do with it
we did have fun running around in it for a bit

 oh yeah...and auntie megan was here to play this weekend.  the kids loved having her to play with...despite this funny look on his fate
 we made some hot chocolate and snow cream...the kids loved it (and so did i!)

what did Davis do during the snow?   he enjoyed watching it from the window...and in the warmth of Auntie's lap! 

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