Sunday, February 17, 2013

V-Day: The Extended Version

Valentine's Day was a good day.  I tried to make it a fun and special day for the kids and I think they had a good time. 

They had some presents and cards from us and the grandparents waiting when they woke up. 

Not exactly Vday related--but Pop Pop also made a NC piece for our puzzle, since ironically, that is the one we are missing.  Holden was pretty excited about it.  He and Nora now fight over who gets the "Carowi-a" piece. 
Davis got a cute new onesie...
and a little sock monkey too...which he promptly ate and laughed about
Stickers were the popular present this year, and while i was showering, i believe all 200 stickers were put in use...on their clothes, on the toys, on my floor....yeah.  joy.
Nora's jewel stickers
We ate lunch at Chick-fil-a (or Chicken Play says Nora) with their friends, Jack and Channing and then after nap we ate Nana's Big Heart Cake and drank from the fun straws their teachers gave them. 
 and...following suit with last year we made our valentine's on Vday instead of giving them out on all you loved ones out will be getting yours by easter i'm sure ;)

  Nora and Holden also made each other valentines and they have been holding onto them tight...Holden even took his to church on Sunday.  pretty cute kids. 

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