Monday, April 8, 2013

"Go See Raleigh"

After all of us being sick all week long the week Mike was home, we were itching to get out and do something.  So Saturday when we woke up, we spontaneously headed to Raleigh with the intent of going to a museum and maybe catching up with a friend.  On the way up there, the kids repeatedly asked us where we were going.  I kept telling them "Raleigh".  So they would say, "we're gonna go see Raleigh?" even when we were already there...they kept asking when they were gonna "see Raleigh".  It's hard to explain the idea of a "city" to 3 year olds!

Thankfully, my college friend Lacey was free and she and her son met us for lunch at The Village Deli--one of my fave college eateries.

afterward we headed to the museum but had an AWFUL time finding parking...come to find out, there was a St. Paddy's Day parade going on. (Yay!) Mike graciously offered to keep looking for a parking spot while the twins and I hopped out of the car to go see the parade.  They loved it and Daddy and Davis even got to catch the end of it with us. 

 cute little ones doing an Irish Jig

Holden kept asking for firetrucks...and in true parade form, they were at the very end.  He was very happy to see them though--and is now experienced on what to do with his ears!

after the parade, we walked over to the Museum of Natural Sciences.  it was our lucky day once again, because they were having a special exhibit with lots and lots of reptiles and amphibians out for the public to see and touch.  The kids did great and weren't afraid of anything!

 there was a pony outside the museum for rides...Nora was enamored.  i just love the way she was talking to it!   

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