Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Darius Rucker

While Mike was still in Afghan he found out Darius Rucker was coming to Fayetteville soon after he was scheduled to be home.  He is quite a Darius fan, so we took the risk of buying tickets, even without knowing for certain if he would be home.  Thankfully, it all worked out and Darius was our first date after Mike got home.  

If i'm being honest, big arena's aren't my favorite venue for concerts but it was still a good show and we had a great time. It didn't hurt that Darius threw some Hootie in the mix :) Not to mention we haven't been to a concert since before the kids were born--and the last one we were at together was The Beach Boys, haha.  For two people who really love some music, we gotta start doing better! 

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