Monday, May 19, 2014

MC Egg Hunt

The weekend before Easter, we met up with my college roommate, Dee, and her two boys at Meredith for the annual Alumni Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids got to see the Easter Bunny and there were some activities/games too. Honestly, the hunt was disappointing.  I'm not sure what happened exactly, but the 3 older kids only got 1 egg each, and Davis got 2.  We did our best to keep our attitudes positive and totally over-exaggerated how well they did finding their egg so the kids wouldn't be too disappointed or think something was wrong.  They were all happy about the toy/piece of candy they got in their egg and then us parents took them to play at a park and get a treat to make up for the Egg Hunt debacle :)

Davis did LOVE the Easter Bunny.  That child isn't afraid of anything!
the bubble station was a hit, as always with my 3

Davis likes to eat his bubbles.  I'm not sure that the girl beside him thinks that is a good idea :)
twins with their "egg"
decorating cookies

sidewalk chalk...another favorite with this princess
at the park with Braxton and Micah
our first real picture since Mike got's one of my faves 
and my my DeeDee

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