Sunday, May 18, 2014


How have i not even gotten to Easter yet?  Seriously ya'll.  We've been so busy having fun, i can't keep up.  If you aren't following us on facebook, where its a bit easier for me to keep up, then you are probably pretty lost on what we've been up to.  Life gets back to some normalcy this week with Mike going back to work full-time and we still have a couple weeks of school/activities before summer so hopefully i will have time to catch-up here. 

So back to Easter... Our first holiday with Daddy back! and of course the Easter Bunny came for a visit, so we had lots of happy faces :)

 The weather was pretty cool and rainy--almost what it was last year...and what happened multiple years while we lived in HI.  I think we might be Easter rain magnets.  You'd think i'd plan for that with our outfits.  But every year Easter Sunday comes around and it's too cold to wear our matching Easter clothes and every year i scrounge around trying to make our Easter outfits "warm".  This year I gave up and but the kids in other things.  Oh well...clothes really aren't the point of Easter anyway...i know that :) 
my pretty babies (i promise D is happy here and not being strangled)

silly silly at church with Jackie
Later that evening the Sweatlands came over for food and egg hunts--our last holiday with them for a while :( I'm reminded of a few Easter's in Hawaii we celebrated together like this one here.  Kids sure make things look different!)

Egg Hunt On-Lookers, Jake and Judah
Holden looking confused
 Davis on the hunt
 Nora has only gotten better at this with age...haha.  Egg Hunts are serious business!
 happy he found his "special" carrot
 first winner!

 Davis gets the 1 Yr Old advantage...Egg Piles!
 not that he needed it! he found these before the older kids

 it was a fun evening as usual with these 5 cuties!

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