Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow Day 2015

I didn't think it was gonna happen this year, but then it did! Snow in Fayetteville 2 years in a row! This year we got to spend it with Daddy and that made it all pretty perfect.  This time last year we played in the snow and had a good time but it was hard on us--Daddy not being there was on all of our minds.  I'm so thankful for this year and this day and all the good memories we were able to make.  And where was Macky?  Well he slept the day away.  Snow is not for babies anyway. But it is good for being snuggled up and warm inside!  (and for all you grammar police, i am quite aware i just started a sentence with And, Well and But-- please try to forgive me.  On this blog i write what FEELS right, not what IS right.  Obviously.)
The twins enjoyed the snow more than last year, but still didn't want to be out in it for long.  They don't like being cold, were only so-so about sledding and were more than ready to come inside and play after about an hour. 
backyard sledding...this year the sled was cracked by constantly being slammed into the fence :) 
all wrapped up
this kid on the other hand?  he LOVED the snow and would have stayed out forever if his hands wouldn't have frozen solid and even then, Daddy had to make him come inside. 
look at the smile on his face.  
doesn't everyone sled with a bat? 
and the big birthday present is even a hit in the snow! 

and our friends/neighbors spent the day with us too.  their daddy was gone too and we know how lonely snow days can be without a daddy, so they came and played with us.  Mike made pancakes that morning, they played outside then inside then outside again, and then watched a movie and ate soup and snow cream.  it was an awesome day. 

Fun Neighborhood Friends.  
Rory, Nora, Riley and Holden 

sledding with Riley

snow cream and sprinkles...we waited too long to gather snow this year, it iced over as the day went on and wasn't the right consistency--kids didn't notice, but i did.  one good thing is we'll get our fill of snow cream next year, so no biggie. 
and like i said, Macky slept the day away. 
until we were all ready to go to bed of course, then he was wide awake and evidently thinking the whole situation was hilarious. 

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