Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun. Fabulous. February.

I always want my monthly random posts to have some kind of cute title.  I just always go blank when it comes time to post them.  For some reason i want each word in the title to start with the same letter, cause i am weird like that, but then the words i come up with never truthfully describe the mood of the post.  And now that you are thinking i'm a little crazy :) This month, the title is pretty much accurate.  Fun and Fabulous might make you think we did lots of great things, but in this case, life itself was that way.  Maybe not every minute-- newborns and sleep deprivation and crazy energetic toddlers and trying moments with growing kids and responsibilities and worries.... that's all a part of my every days--but those moments are overshadowed by these moments and these moments are what matters--what makes us do it to begin with and then want more even though things are messy. 

Here's our fun and fabulous, everyday life, random february pictures. 

the big ones loving on our littlest

our littlest growing up so so fast

slow mornings of cartoon watching, and sibling cuddles  

being so tired, that you will Just.Sleep.Anywhere.  Even on a hard countertop with loud kids running around. 

toddler cuteness that is just too much for this momma's heart to handle. 

boys date of bowling and the wii--with Poppy, Daddy, Holden and Davis

my afternoons teaching this beauty to paint and enjoying some really sweet conversation
a chickfila outing that ends in a dance party with the cow (and then ends later with a stomach bug) oh why do we go to those playplaces??? 
stomach bug aftermath
more sibling sweetness
Mommy figured out the trick to Macky baths...covering up with a warm towel keeps the screaming at bay...until you wash under his neck...there is no cure for that!  and the Macky's smirk... saying whatcha gonna do about it Mom?  i have a feeling i'll be seeing a lot of that for the rest of my life :)

after bath snuggles are the best, even when you do get shishi'd on 
and my favorite picture of the whole month--a baby boo boo lip pic is PRICELESS.  i think i tried to capture it with all of my kids, and here we have it, complete with a too sweet cuddle and concerned look from big brother.  

Pretty Fun and Fabulous. Right? 

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