Thursday, March 19, 2015


This is our Baby Macky at 2 months--much more alert, chubby cheeks and a crooked one-eyebrow raised look that says "you guys are nuts" on the regular. 

He's still a pretty easy baby and sleeping and eating are still his 2 main jobs.  We have however started to have some short sweet awake times where he wants to interact with you.  The biggest thing to note is his big and sweet smile.  He started showing us signs of a smile around 5 weeks and by 7 weeks he was using it pretty regular with some good eye-contact and parents making a fool of themselves.  Of course, all he had to do was hear his brother Davis' voice and a smile would grace his face.  Even Macky at 2 months thinks Davis is funny.  

Sleep:  On the sleep front, things were pretty normal over here until about 7 weeks.  Then at 7 weeks, we moved him to his room upstairs for nighttime and he showed us he could sleep 7 hours straight...then it was 8 and then one day it was 11 hours.  Mommy and Daddy are very thankful for another good sleeper.   Most nights he goes down around 730-9 for the night (it kinda depends on what we're doing) and then will sleep straight until somewhere between 5-730 the next morning.  We can't ask for more than that. 

Eating: Nursing is still going well.  He loves to do it and I am enjoying it as well.  Although I don't have him on a strict schedule he eats about every 3 hrs...sometimes a little less sometimes a little more.  I let him dictate that for the most part, especially since he sleeps so much at night. 

His likes include: 
-His Sister and Brothers (he always perks up when they are around) 
-the swing 
-his paci 
-being swaddled while sleeping 

His dislikes include:
-cold hands and cold wipes 
-cutting his nails 

a little photo shoot with Davis and Macky
~2 Years Old and 2 Months Old~ 

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