Monday, October 5, 2015

Preschool for Davis

The twins weren't the only ones to start new things this fall.  Davis is attending a half day preschool 2 days a week--similar to what the twins have done the past 3 years.  Davis has been going to drop offs and pick ups for all of those 3 years and was more than ready for it to be his turn.  

He's in a 2 year old class--he misses the cut off for the 3 year old room by 5 days.  He'll be the oldest in his room, and no doubt he'll run the show.  Those poor newly turned 2 year olds aren't going to know what hit them! 

There was no drop off blues on this morning for our little guy.  He walked right in, ready to go, didn't even tell me bye! 
-with his lead teacher, Mrs. Ennis-

and although he had a fun first day, i think by the look on his face he was glad to see me too! 
 and i think it goes without being said that i was happy to see him and hear ALL ABOUT his first day.  

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