Friday, October 16, 2015


Macky at Eight Months...

well, he's still cute, so that's good ;) 

But if i'm being honest it was a bit of a rough month.  He's teething, he had a cold, he still can't figure out how to crawl and that just makes him super irritated and he's obsessive about food which makes him fuss/cry through the majority of his meals.  The biggest problem though is our daily schedule and what's sad is there isn't much i can do about it.  In order to pick the twins up on time i have to wake Macky up from nap every day.  Then he is exhausted right at dinner time when i can't put him to bed and thus it makes dinner time stressful for us all.  He's either crying on the floor, crying in his chair or crying upstairs in his bed while we try to have a quiet(er) dinner, but then my heart just hurts the whole time cause i know he's upstairs upset. 

Don't get me wrong, we definitely have our sweet moments too, they were just few and far between this month.  So far between that it took me weeks to find a moment to take his pictures for this month... every time i wanted to,  he would be in a bad mood!  

What Macky did like the most this month was 1) being outside --and i don't blame him, it's been the most beautiful fall.  Who wouldn't want to be out in it?  We've made it a routine to play at the park everyday after school.  and 2) running errands. I think it's just new things to look at and a distraction from sitting on the floor and getting frustrated.  So we did a lot of errands.  

 In other news, the baby says "Daddy".  I wanted to ignore it, or blame it on just making "D sounds".  Except that he took a break from saying it for 10 days.  Like the 10 days that Mike was gone to Hawaii.  So when Mike came back and Macky said...DaDaDadddyy...well i had to accept it.  He also mimics the work "Hey".   I try to get him to say Momma.  Of course he just laughs at me and starts babbling DaDaDadddyyy more.  Stinker. 

His Likes Include
His Paci
His siblings 
Snuggling and Being Held
Going Outside
Food.  Like All The Foods.  ALL THE TIME. 

His Dislikes Include: 
Being alone 
Being hungry 
Being stuck on his tummy 


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