Thursday, October 15, 2015

Old Friends, New State, Same Good Times

The Howells.  They're from the same county we're from, but we didn't meet until Hawaii.  We endured the 15 month deployment together.  We had lots of fun dinners, game nights and adventures.  We have continued to keep in touch and see each other when we can...although the visiting has been few and far between the past few years.  Now they live in Grand Rapids...about 5.5 hours from us.  That's doable. 5.5 hrs to see friends who might as well be family is no big deal at all for a 4 day weekend.  So the first one we got, we headed to Michigan. 
Although it feels like i've seen them more--social media and frequent phone calls can do that--i actually haven't seen this little one since she was about 18 months and the twins were 2.5 yrs old.  Now both 5 years old the girls can easily play together with no age gap issues. 

and it was great to finally meet this little one, Ruthie.  She's a book lover and Uncle Mike was happy to oblige. 
and their newest addition, Beniah! he was 4 weeks when we came to visit--perfect to snuggle with! 
 my matching littles 
it was a beautiful weekend and the kids had a great time playing

obviously our get togethers are slightly different than our hawaii days, pre kids, but they're still good and in some ways it feels like nothing has really changed. 

we're just missing some Sweatland and Davis kids and this would be a perfect picture.  Maybe we can make that happen someday???? 

no one likes goodbyes... Adelyn was sad to lose her playmates, and honestly i was sad to say goodbye too.  But i have no doubt over the next 3 years we will be doing much more of this.   Bye for now Howell Team, we'll see you soon!

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