Thursday, December 3, 2015

9 months

at 9 months, Macky was back to his normal sweet, happy self.  

He started crawling!  and he's so funny.  He knows he's doing something big and gets so tickled with himself as he moves around.  

He cut his 4 top teeth, so that meant a lot of drooling and some fussiness...but nothing some motrin couldn't handle.  

Macky is also really enjoying his toys these days.  He loves playing things that make sounds and bopping around to the music.  I love that he is entertaining himself for periods of time.  His favorite toy right now is the Sock Monkey Jack in the Box.  He thinks it's hilarious and of course his giggles are contagious so before long we all start laughing.  

We have no new stats on weight and height, but he's healthy and growing and wearing 12-18 month clothes. 

His likes still include: 
crib aquarium 
being outside 

His dislikes include: 
being left alone 
the vacuum cleaner 

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