Monday, December 28, 2015

Thanksgiving and Our First Visitors

Pop Pop and Grandma came to spend Thanksgiving with us. There flight got in late Wed night, but since the next day was a holiday and there was no school I woke the twins up to go to the airport with me.  It may have been midnight but there were awake and excited! 



We did a couple of tourists things, like go see Antique Archaeology, but mainly we spent time at home hanging out together and getting some good playtime in! 


And everyone needed haircuts, including Macky!  It was his first and he wasn't a fan.  


 and of course since it was Thanksgiving, we had LOTS of cooking to do! The kids helped make the pecan pie and the pumpkin tarts.  Holden was also very interested in the turkey prep (ugh!)

Thanksgiving Dinner

Macky's first Thanksgiving meal.  I think it was safe to say he liked it :) 
 Literally.  Stuffed. 

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