Friday, December 11, 2015

Trick or Treat: Bettendorf Style

Trick or Treating was a lot of fun this year.  The town we live in is super cute, family oriented and everyone knows each other.  It had been a rainy day, but there was a break in the weather just in time for the scheduled trick or treating and EVERYONE was out.  Whole families walked together, neighbors were talking on all of the corners.  All the houses were decorated and homeowners were waiting on the porch ready to hand out candy.  There were kids everywhere just like you see on TV and even better all the kids knew each other from school.  We saw many of N & H's classmates. I figured we go out and do a block or two then go back to the house, but it was so much fun we trick or treated until dark.  What's even better?  Everyone abided by the rules and there were no late night doorbell rings as we were trying to get the kids in bed.  So nice!

Our Cat

The Bat

A Firefighter

and his puppy :) 

 trick or treating...look at davis peering in the window!

the fireman found his truck!

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