Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Country Day

One of Auntie Kim's last days here, Hillary drove up from Fayetteville and we all met at Kim's childhood home to spend the day.  The house is on a big piece of land and there was lots to see and do.  All of the kids, and us mommies too ;) had a great day. 

the twins were really excited about the piano, and they weren't half bad--meaning they weren't banging incessantly on it--instead just hitting a key at a time.  Nora even occasionally turned the music page, like she knew exactly what was going on. I'm not sure where she has seen that before??

Kim's dad even took the kids on a tractor ride.  The girls weren't interested in the moving one, but the boys LOVED it!
Jack and Uncle
Nora preferred the stationary tractor
Holden's turn
We also took a walk down to the pond, hoping to see ducks.  Although there weren't any ducks there that afternoon, the kids still loved looking for fishies, throwing rocks and splashing around. 

stopping to play on the bush hog
Nora watching the cows.  there were two babies!
and there were some puppies to play with

Nora wasn't sure of the puppy at first, but warmed up when mommy sat with her.
Jack and Nora even braved the tall grass to run around and pick daisies

Nora gave me my frist flower, unprompted
mommy's daisy
Adalynn enjoyed the flowers too
She was a little sad that morning and needed a nap.  Nora wanted to give her love. 
my happy boy
typical Nora
what a great day!

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