Saturday, May 26, 2012

Zoo Trip #2

We took another trip to the zoo last week with Pop Pop to the North America side this time.  It was another nice day--not too crowded or hot.  Those are the best for the zoo. 
sadly this is blurry, but so cute i had to post it anyway.  that aligator was huge and looked completely fake. 

watching the turtles swim

 we stopped at the playground, Nora wasn't into it as usual, but Holden loves to slide!

 riding a bison!
watching the geyser  
  Nora didn't want to be too close
and on the way out we saw a little snake roaming free around the geyser.  dad and i thought it would be  pretty funny if the snake was crawling across the geyser right when it shot off and would send the snake flying.  it didn't happen...but it woulda been cool, yes?

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