Monday, May 14, 2012

A Weekend for Mommies

Last weekend my good friends, Kim and Hillary and I went to the beach for the weekend WITHOUT KIDS!  Our friend Carrie, in DC, was supposed to come too, but didn't get to make it down.  We all met in Hawaii 6 years ago and have kept in touch since then.  Kim and Hill and I have little ones at home now, and we were in desperate need of a break.  In the 2.5 years of my kids life I have been away from them for exactly 1 night. yep.  and although, i probably should take a little bit longer break, the 3 nights away with friends was a good start--and came at a much needed time!

We stayed at Kure Beach and spent the majority of the time on the beach while relaxing to a good book, or shopping.  These are two things that are basically unheard of with toddlers running around!

We pretty much failed at taking pictures. Here's the one i have from the beach.  It was gorgeous.  
the second night we rode the ferry to southport, nc.  maybe my most favorite place on this planet.  and we went to a few shops, ate at prov co., watched the sunset from the harbor and then celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some live music from a guy called "rev" at a little pier side bar.  then we drove back to the cabin in the worst thunder/lightning storm i've ever been in. (at least in my car).  very eventful night.

   i do have some pictures from that evening...

us on the ferry
at Prov Co

watching the gorgeous sunset...much different from HI, but equally as stunning--and i'd have to say much more peaceful--something about this place just feels like home.  my heart is more content in this tiny little town than anywhere else i've ever been. 
one happy momma
like is said, the shopping was also good, and i couldn't resist this little hat for #3.  cute yeah?

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Dana said...

So glad you got some R&R without kiddos! Nothing like taking time for you :)