Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday Overlook

Its been REALLY busy in my life lately, so busy i realized i didn't post anything about my own bday.  Although we are in transition right now and Mike is not with us, my family and friends still were great helping me celebrate turning 28.  

My Dad and Stepmom took us out to dinner at Timothy's on my birthday.  

 then we came home, opened a few presents, ate a fabulous cake, and took some sweet pictures with my lovies

 that weekend, my mom and stepdad took us out to eat Japanese, the kids were mesmerized by the cooks and the "hot fire"...nora was actually a bit scared and spent most of the time cuddled next to Poppy. 
the kids also got cool water cups with cherries on them

and of course we used chopsticks...except this time the kiddos got "trainers".  Holden kept trying to take them apart.  He's knows better, he's hawaiian!

and since i also hit 22 weeks on my birthday, here's the update.

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The Gabriel Fam said...

You look super cute! Love the baby bump :)