Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daddy's Back!

i've been out for a few days--sorry.  but we've been so busy unpacking and painting and organizing--added to a little bit of friends and family visiting and boom--2 weeks are gone!

 now for the catch up...

and all is well again :)
 just look at these faces!  the whole day Holden kept asking for Daddy, he really seemed to understand that we were going to get Mike that night.  Then when Holden saw Daddy coming down the escalator, he ran to Mike and wouldn't let go...of course then Nora followed right in--It was all Daddy for days afterward (and mommy was happy to get some good sleep for the next few days with daddy back in demand!)
 Holden determined to pull the suitcase--the smallest one, but still pretty heavy for a little dude.

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