Friday, June 22, 2012

Twins Room in Progress

It's probably no surprise we decided to do the kids room in a North Shore/Hawaii theme.  It's really coming out quite nicely and we're much farther along than these pics even suggest, but i'll give you a little sneak peak and then a final look when we're done--which shouldn't be long now.  Just gotta get some pictures printed out and waiting on some fabric to come in the mail so we can make a bench and a "hair pretty" display.  

The painting process... i wasn't too conservative when picking out this color...obviously.  The kids stayed with my dad and stepmom one night so we could get it done without them around and having to breathe the fumes in their sleep.  When they got back the next day I wondered if they would even notice, but much to my surprise Holden announced "It's GREEN!!!!" and then continued to announce it for the next few weeks.  I'd call that a success. 

a little bedding...Gotta love Target and TJ Maxx
Daddy found this awesome picture his last month in Hawaii and shipped it to us.  The kids really like turtles...and tell us about this one in their room daily. 
after paining...but before Ikea. 
and oh yeah...we graduated to big kid beds.  Nora took in stride (but then she is a bit more accepting of change and she can be quite the rule follower), Holden is testing his boundaries from time to time, but with some consistent discipline (and a gate at the bedroom door...just in case) it's going well. I'd like to get to a point where we can trust them to get up and play in the morning...but a few different incidents including wipes, baby powder, tylenol (hence the gate) and up playing at 5 am has told me we aren't quite ready for that step, so until then, they are expected to stay in their beds until Mommy or Daddy comes to get them--and 90% of the time, they are doing just that.  Not too bad, i'd say. 

check back in a few weeks for the final pics :)

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