Monday, June 18, 2012

Potty Time

Last week marked our first week of "for real potty training".  We definitely could have done this sooner, but just as you need to wait for kids to be ready, parents gotta be ready too.  EVERYONE has to be on board for this ride...i mean really-it's a full-time job, haha.  

This is the kids on Tuesday morning.  We put them in their undies, showed them Elmo's Potty Time and got started.  
1 hour later....

 (sorry Nora if you are 16, reading this and happened :)
Nora said she had to go potty, i said okay, wasn't really paying attention (obviously) and then noticed the smell of poop--to which i immediately turned around to celebrate the monumentous occasion of  "first poop in potty".  instead i found this....a trail of poop on the floor.  

and really that's how it's been for days.  a blur of both accidents and potty successes.  neither really tell us they have to "go" so we take potty breaks every 15-30 mins.  Yep that's right.  15 MINUTES.  Our Norabird's bladder is comparable to a small dog's apparently.  She also pees twice as many times a day as Holden.  a girl thing?  Anyway, it's obvious we have a long road ahead of us, but at least we're moving in the right direction.  I would REALLY like to have them out of diapers by the time #3 comes along.  

Here's a few happy shots, but don't be fooled--there have been some tears as well--especially when Potty Time interfere's with outside fun or watching Mickey Mouse!

Potty Time while watching Tv. 


Anonymous said...

Jess this is awesome. It made me laugh so hard

Dana said...

I feel your pain!! We went underwear less for a week. It seemed that I she didn't have them on she was more likely to find the potty. We still cry over popping - it is traumatic every.single.time. Good luck!!

Mikke said...

I love this entry about potty training! They are both so cute!