Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

the kids are all about Birthday' that's we kept saying on the 4th..."Happy Birthday America"  

That morning we got dressed and ready to start our day with a parade in a nearby little town, Hope Mills.  The parade was pretty good and we had a fabulous front row view right at the end of the parade.  We parked our truck, lifted the gate and sat in the shade to watch.  Pretty nice for being such a hot day!

Holden was in a good mood--ready to get going.  He was VERY happy to wear his red shirt...his new favorite color as of lately. 
 Nora was also excited about her "twinkle-star dress" but for whatever reason had an emotional outburst as we were trying to get out the door.  Holden tried to console her...sweet boy.
 waiting for the parade to get to us...
eating some snacks and watching the cars and people go by
 pretty in her stars
 Nora was very excited about all of the "princesses"
 neither kiddo were too excited about the clowns
 watching the parade with Daddy-O
 There were tons of firetrucks in this parade---and they were LOUD.  

Nora's reaction to the trucks...(snuggles and whining)
 and Holden's reaction
the kids also had their first lolli pop....we gave the rest of the candy we collected to the kids beside us who were older.... no need to overdo it, haha. 

 Nora finished her's in about 2 minutes.  Holden had his for about 30 mins. 
classic southern town, yes? 
Celebrating 14 years... (that's half my life people!)  the 4th is our dating anniversary...if you didn't know :) as well as our favorite holiday of the year.  we really cherish the ones we get to spend together.  This 4th was pretty awsome... spending it as a family of 5 ;)

with my little man 
after the parade we opted out of the games and festivites because it was HOT (and nap time ;) 
so instead we got some lunch at Red Robin and went home for a long nap before Round Two. 

That night we met up with our new small group at church for a cookout and to watch the fireworks.  

Nora was all ready to go in her new outfit. 

 Love, Love, Love My Family
 we love having the Sweatland's around us again!
the kids played SO HARD.  Nora must have went down the slide a hundred times.  They were soaking wet with sweat and didn't even care.   i didn't get many pics, but there were plenty of other kids there to play with.  Holden kept telling me he was playing with "friends". 
 we watched the firework show on bragg from a nearby neighborhood.  We had a partial view, but it wasn't too bad and a lot quieter than being right on the field.  I'm sure Nora much preferred where we were sitting.  Only thing was the fireworks were LATE!  starting around 10 pm the kids were SO TIRED...but they were troopers.  It's prolly our latest night of every year..but they loved it (in between a few emotional breakdowns here are there ;)

 oh yeah...and my sweet husband brought me flowers.  Love Him ;)

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Megs said...

The kids are soo beautiful!! What a great looking family!!