Friday, July 13, 2012

Water Country USA

Even though it was KILLER HOT out, we braved the crowds and sun and went to Water Country USA--near Busch Gardens.  Anheuser Busch is a big supporter of the military and we are allowed 1 free visit at one of their parks for free each year.  Pretty Sweet Deal.  Water Country has 3 specific play areas for little kids and that made the day super fun for our kids and for us parents because we didn't have to wait in many long lines and we could all just splash around in the knee deep water and not sweat to death.  Perfect.  

I was most surprised with how much fun Nora had.  She was actually much more brave than Holden when it came to the slides and rides.  The only thing she doesn't like are the big sprinklers that rain down on you.  This is a slide they could do on her own, and i believe N could have done this ALL DAY and been perfectly happy. 

Allie, Holden and Nora all sliding together ...and holding up the line for a picture!
oops...Holden wasn't sure he was ready
there he goes!
"I did it!"
Allie and Adam on the water slide
Holden driving the speed boat
Daddy and Nora...look at how excited she was!
the fam...being pregnant i wasn't allowed on anything--even the baby rides.  so i got to sit and take pics of them having a great time.  
Renee and Allie
Mike and Holden
sweet daddy waiting for a float. 
and waiting in a line...he had to do it twice as much so Holden and Nora could both ride, but i think he loved every minute, as did the kiddos.  

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