Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visting the Tobacco Worms

Here's your interesting fact for the day...Soldiers in the Civil War that were from Virginia were called "Tobacco Worms".  

 This past weekend we visited two families that we were friends with in Hawaii that are now both stationed in Virginia...well at least for a few more days--which is why we made the quick trip to VA.  The Araujo's, at Ft. Eustice, are packing up as I write to move to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and we wanted to see them before they move farther away.  Renee and I had seen each other about 2 years ago when i made a trip to NC but it had been since they left HI 3 years ago that we have all been together.  At that point i was growing two silly babies in my belly and their little girl was just 6 weeks old.  This weekend we celebrated her 3rd birthday--man how time flies! 

Since we were so close, we also stopped to visit our great friends, the Williams Family currently stationed at Ft. Lee.  The Williamses were like our family in Hawaii and we spent 5 of our 6 years there hanging out with them. Bryan and Marybeth were our first real friends there and we had so many good times together.  Because of a death in the family, the Williamses had to cut their visit with us short, but we'll definitely get back together soon--we're hoping for a NC visit before the summer is hem! 

Our Road Trip to VA.  A little Cracker Barrel and Toy Story is all we needed to keep these kiddos happy on the ride. 
Us with Bryan and Marybeth.  We didn't take any pictures at their house--but take my work for it--we had a great time.  The Williams Girls doted all over the twins, Bryan and Marybeth cooked every meal and Mike and I hardly had to do anything but sit and enjoy their company.  We also had quite an epic game night--i can't remember how long its been since i've laughed so hard.  
The next morning we drove to Ft. Eustice (near VA Beach) for Allie's 3rd Birthday Party. Here's the pretty birthday girl below.
with Daddy Adam
Holden loved hanging out with Uncle Bryan..
.(maybe because Uncle was sneaking in forbidden sweets!)  
just look at those guilty faces!
Nora and I sat at the table and watched Auntie Marybeth paint all the kids faces. I tried hard to convince Nora to do it, but kept getting a firm "No Thank You".  gotta respect that...although i did convince her to get a butterfly on her hand. 
Of course they enjoyed the birthday cake
Holden was very brave and got his face painted like a pirate.  
really i think he just liked getting the "red" on his of his favorite colors. 

these two aren't too manly to rock a birthday hat!
Marybeth is a master facepainter...Bethany the Tiger
Williams, Burns and Araujo Kiddos
 (left to right) Elizabeth, Nora, Holden, Alexandria, Bethany and Baby Ethan (Allie's new brother)
the girls, Marybeth, Me and Renee
the boys: Mike, Adam and Bryan (we made them touch ;)
The Williams Family had to leave to go to the funeral in PA from the birthday party, but we stayed to visit with the Araujo's for the next few days.  After the party, Auntie Renee read stories to the kiddos then we put them to sleep for nap time.  Then we had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and made a trip to the Bass Pro Shop to see the fish--amongst other cool things. 

bibs for everyone!

 talking to Baby Brother

loves riding boats!

i'll write more later on our 2nd fun day with the Araujo's at the water park!

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