Monday, July 16, 2012

Painting Palms

My mom works at a retirement home and amongst other things, plans activities for the residents to do. So when she booked a painting class at "Wine Down with Nikki Cherry" i was totally game to join in.  This time we painted a palm tree--i've been wanting to do this one to put in the twins "north shore" room. 

it was a small class--just 6 of us...the other 4 sat in the back. 

 what it looked like at the break
the other ladies
painting with this group was quite funny.  we had a good time
 up close finished's skinny tree and my fluffy one!


Kimberly and Jordan said...

that's a good one!

Megan Barbre said...

I know you had fun with those ladies, they're soo sweet!