Thursday, August 9, 2012

Raleigh Quick Trip

While in Raleigh for the Kids Exchange, we were able to make the most of our trip by getting to see the Pegrams.  They were nice enough to let our clan crash at their house for the night even though they were preparing for a beach trip that same weekend.  

Lacey and I were both in design classes together at Meredith.  We did almost all our projects in her apartment...lots of late nights and lots of laughing.  It is always good to catch up with her and her husband Jonathan.  Their son, Carter, is 2 days older than the twins and the 3 of them had a good time playing together.

  The morning before we left, we went to a nearby park, played on the equipment and then fed the geese, ducks, fish and turtles in the pond.  The kids LOVED it. 

Staying clear of the grumpy geese. 

Holden is SO EXCITED to feed the ducks. 
 walking with Uncle Jon


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