Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Twins Room Final

The twins room has been pretty much finished.  I do still have some pictures to hang up, but for the time being i'm finishing up/ putting those kinds of projects away and cleaning up our  downstairs (my current project workshop) in preparation for #3 coming.  

So here's a tour of the 1 almost finished room in the house.  

view from the door
Holden's Bed
Nora's Bed
the valence we made
looking back at the door 
 North Shore pics... the other picture collages will be similar to this, i just have to take time to mount them and get them hung up. 
 i printed out the pics we took in HI from Mpix... modge podged them to thin cardboard (like cereal boxes) to make them into a postcard-like thickness and then we hung them with office clips--thank you pinterest.  much cheaper and more simple than lots and lots of frames. 
 Dresser/ Mikes Surfboard
 Bow Organizer i made for Nora..i have a headband one in the works to hang beside it. 
 Modge Podge pictures on Canvas--these turned out really great i think and the process was easy and fun
 i used scrapbook paper on the edges and then smudged paint around the edges to blend the picture into the paper and make it look "wrapped" here is the tutorial if you are interested 
 play area--thanks to ikea and craigslist
 we made this bench to put over the storage blocks--easy peasy...another tutorial here
craigslist train table that we spray painted white to match

 my "wine down" painting and another modge podge canvas
 a fun sign Daddy brought bome from HI--meaning 'welcome' or 'come inside'


The Castor Family said...

It looks beautiful Jessi!

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Well done and beautiful. What a dream room!

The Gabriel Fam said...

Love, love, love this!! What an awesome room! I'm going to borrow some of these ideas for Lily's "big girl" room, if you don't mind :) I bet they love it!

The Murray Family said...

wow Jessi! You are amazingly talented! Love it and I bet Nora and Holden love it too!