Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shop Till We Drop

A couple of weekends ago, Mike had a Friday off and on a whim we decided the night before to go to Raleigh and fight the crowds at the Kids Exchange.  This is a huge consignment sale at the state fairgrounds held biannually.  Knowing that we have absolutely NO CLOTHES for the the winter months as well as a new baby coming, with a few needs still to go, we took a chance, packed the family up and went shopping! 

and it was a bit crazy.  

the line to get in the building was pretty insane...and there were lots of moms ready, pulling trashcans and wagons behind them ready to load up on all the supposed good deals.  Mike and I did notice everyone going in with large rolling devices and decided to unpack our suitcase and take it in just in case.  

I am really glad we did.  

Although i thought the first room full of equipment was a little intimidating, and still maybe a little overpriced on some things, we did get a like new pack n play (the one we have is split in the middle for twins) and a jumparoo (because the last one i had we donated to the church because we had nowhere to store it and they needed one). 

The clothes racks were another story.  Sure there was lots of stuff that wasn't in great condition--but there was also a lot of really nice things, you just had to take the time to go through it.  This preggo momma pushed herself to the limit trying to hit the baby racks as well as the boys and girls racks to clothe my kiddos for the winter.  We walked aways with a large suitcase filled to the brim...over 67 items of clothing--all winter stuff and PJ's.  It was DEFINITELY worth the chaos of crazy moms and crying children.  Not that i would want to do that again anytime soon, but saving money is a good feeling ;)

Speaking of kids.  Ours were wonderful, of course ;) Really, 4 hours of intense shopping and they hardly complained.  It may have taken some funny daddy songs and a lot of snacks, but we were really proud of how well they did.  
 they were also excited about some of their new life jackets for Pop Pop's boat, a barbie helmet for Norabird and Thomas and Woody Pj's . 
I really meant to take a picture of all our loot that day, but i was way too pooped to do it.  Actually i was so exhausted that i had to sit at the exit door and let Mike go get the car and come back and pick me up because i literally couldn't walk another step.  He's a pretty great husband for enduring the shopping spree with me-- i wouldn't have been able to do it without him, and let's be honest, he also loves a good deal when he can get one!

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