Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Success Story

I sure hope i'm not speaking too soon...

but i think we have one kid potty-trained. (well not at night, but really, who cares about that :)

here she is after her first "dry" day at school.

Potty training has been the hardest transition we have had in the kids short 3 years of life.  A valiant effort this summer took us nowhere and as the third birthday's came a went i was beginning to get discouraged.

But then, out of nowhere, it just clicked (like everyone says it will).  She is wearing her big girl undies at church, school and out running errands and it's been a week since she's had an accident.

What was the key you ask?  Well, after a frustrating first week back at potty-training--we told her she couldn't wear her princess dresses if she pooped/peed in her undies.  A few tears later, we have had clean undies ever since.

I'm one proud mama.

And even more...i'm excited about less diaper changing and diaper buying.

Hopefully soon i'll have more good news to share as we start to work with Holden this week.

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