Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playin' All Day, Everyday.

We play a lot around here.  obviously.  

we've also made some new friends over the past few months. 

we went to play at the park with Jack and Channing one day.  Afterwards we went back to Chan's house to play. He has a fun mini trampoline and a gator that Holden LOVED driving his friends around in. 
Jumping in puddles at the tennis courts
jack and nora jumping
 Holden and Channing the Giraffe.  These pics crack me up. 
 We also love to go outside and cruise the neighborhood in our new cars with neighbor Charis. 
This day Charis was driving and Nora was making sure the stroller was safe in tow.  Neither Nora nor Charis are any good at steering...i really love how Charis' dad is chasing them around in these pics. 

 just a little bump up
 Charis has a little brother, Bryce, just a few days younger than Davis...they like to stare at each other in the stroller while the kiddos play.  

love having good friends to play with.  our days are so much more fun when we are spending them with others :)

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

These are cute. Wish our kids were playing together!