Monday, January 7, 2013

Cause I Just Can't Let This One Slide

tonight i made chicken pot pie.  the kiddos were literally on the edges of their seat waiting to eat it....

(tucking Holden in bed tonight)
J. I love you Buddy.
H. (wraps little arms around my neck and puts his mouth right next to my ear) I love biscuits, mom.  And chicken. And Peas.
J. You love biscuits, or you love mommy?
H. I love biscuits.

Guess he liked dinner. If it wasn't so funny, i probably cry.

(tucking Nora in bed)
J. Do you love mommy, or biscuits?
N. (giggling, she cups my face in her hands) Mommy!!
J. sigh of relief...

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