Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's January!

I haven't posted much this month...really because it didn't feel like we were doing much of anything...but then i was looking back on both mine and Mike's phones and there were tons of random pics.  So here they are...

Nora "made" me breakfast
and it was so very healthy!
 snuggling with my princess one cold morning
 When Daddy has late nights, getting dinner ready can sometimes get tricky around here.  this was a moment when it was under control...it's not always this pretty ;)
 notice Nora gave her baby to Davis to play with...also notice Davis knocked her over.  Guess he had other plans. 
 love this sweet face
 Sweet after-nap faces

and i found this in their room the other day.  they dolls are really more decorations in the twins "hawaii" room than toys...although i don't care if the kids play with them.  I did find it funny that they were placed in this position... a conga line, perhaps?
 the twins playing with Jack...that always makes for an exciting day
 there's that sweet face again
 watching their dinner cook.  they were quite interested...or maybe just very hungry
Nora is doing much better eating these days...she's nowhere near being a "good eater" but we have much less strife at dinner these days.  that makes me one happy mommy.
 my three babies.  ready for church.  well..except for the absence of D's pants
 there has been a lot of driving around here.  if holden had his way, it'd be all that we do. 

 Davis and Daddy like to hang out in the wee hours of the morning and do homework.  Mommy thinks they are crazy.
 Holden has been practicing with his T-ball set 
 Davis is starting to enjoy being upright in his jumparoo

Nora being her silly self
 Friday nights are movies and pizza nights. the kids LOVE watching movies while eating.
 a cute pic that i received while out running errands one day. 
 snuggles before bedtime
 Nana came to visit one Saturday 
 Messy Girl learning to clean it up...like Cinderella, haha
 Holding Davis.  Davis really loves N & H.  He watches them all the time and never seems to mind sitting with them.  It's so sweet. 

 most days are spent like this...deep in their toys...doing silly things
what they were looking at...Thomas pushing the digger around the living room.  pretty exciting stuff
and when watching the trains and trucks get boring...there is always baby brother to check out..

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