Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8 Months Big

At eight months this baby is big, Big, BIG! 
he's all over the place--army crawling mostly, occasionally up on his knees.  he sits himself up from laying down, and is trying hard to pull up...sometimes successfully.  He is in constant motion and he's incredibly hard to keep up with.  For sure, he keeps all 4 of us on our toes!  At least i have two extra sets of eyes to help me out :)

he's also been teething hard, and not too happy about it.  the top 2-4 teeth have been giving him the worst time.  he's shed many tears and been incredibly cranky.  i'll be glad to see them finally out. 

Davis eats like crazy.  i swear more than the twins ever did combined.  i can hardly keep enough food for him around the house and during meal times it's almost impossible to keep enough food in front of him.  He literally devours everything.  It's impressive and comical.  His favorite foods right now are peaches, pears, blackberries, meat (chicken, sausage, hamburger), broccoli, grean beans, black beans and sweet potatoes. 

He is also full of personality.  He laughs and smiles so big and wins everyone's heart.  Although he can be such a sweetie, I wouldn't exactly call Little D an "easy" baby.  He is very "opinionated" and has a short fuse.  He knows what he wants and gets angry in a second if it's not right.   He doesn't sleep well anywhere outside of his crib in his room...as much as i've carted him around, he refuses to sleep in the carseat for more than maybe 30 mins if i'm really, really lucky and he never does well in pack-n-plays.  

With all of his movement and exploring, he's quickly learning the word 'No'. He understands and listens pretty well for now and almost always stops when we ask--but man oh man you should see the "fit" he throws while he stops.  Also pretty comical--for now. 

He loves Holden and Nora more than anything and it is the sweetest thing ever.  The twins are also great with him.  Holden especially is very helpful and loving with Davis.   I love watching them together.   Holden plays with and looks after Davis all the time--because he wants to.   When Davis is tired and irritated at Mike and I, sometimes he'll calm down and be happy with Holden for a little while longer.  I hope their relationship is always this sweet. 

We certainly do love this funny #3 AND I just love taking pictures of his expressive face! Enjoy.

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