Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sharing My Birthday

if you didn't see this video on facebook...

We celebrated a little early with my mom...i wanted a chocolate eclair, which mom made me, but since that isn't technically a cake...she got one of those too. N and H were both happy though...there was brown and pink (both of their faves). 
 D doesn't know about this birthday stuff
 helping me open presents of course
 the sweetest present ever
 got some super cute pics of the kids with Poppy and Alex... always lots of fun!

On my birthday...i started off the morning snuggling with these two sillies
 then we went to Chickfila so i could have lunch for breakfast...because that's my fave. 
we also ate ice cream and brownies for breakfast ...hehe

i also purposefully let Holden keep his bed head all day because i (not so secretly) love his "rooster" 
 i listened to my favorite tunes as much as i could
   I soaked up as much love and giggles from this little guy as i could
Dad and Anne came over and brought dinner and yummy pound cake 
but we didn't have any birthday we improvised. 

enjoyed the beautiful day with my lovies on my new birthday swing
isn't it nice?... what color to paint it?

avoided as many dirty diapers as possible (thanks dad!)

and then that weekend i treated myself to a little Ulta shopping and fun beauty products for the summer!

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