Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Celebrating Baby Tetter

My college suitemate, and good friend, Megan is very preggo with her first little one and we had her shower a few weekends ago.  The theme was Once Upon A Baby--guests were to bring a book in lieu of a card the invites were super cute.  i don't have a picture but HERE is the link of where i ordered them.  they were so so cute! 

 Building Little Bit's Library!  

 Nora joined us for a while...but then got a little tired of being a grown-up and just wanted to go home and play.  So we called Daddy to come pick her up.  She did however LOVE the cake, presents and the attention!

 the guests

 me and my mom
 MC Girls

Suitemates for Life! 
(yes we're pushing 30 and we got on the floor in the middle of a hallway to re-create a picture..we'll prolly do it again in 10 years too!

it's impossible to get a normal picture of the two of us! 

After the shower i took some maternity pics for Thomas and Megan.  I don't claim to know what i'm doing...but i like to dabble.  They turned out pretty good i think...it's prolly because Meg's so dang cute!

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