Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Shenanigans Bring May Random Pics Posts!

just getting some snuggles from my sweetie
 momma lost track of time one night...dinner became popcorn, grapes and deli front of the TV.  they were in Heaven. 

 good morning beautifuls
 twins playing...
 Mr. Big Eyes

even bigger smiles!
 Twin Cuddles
Riding the Horse with Pop Pop 

 just being like momma
 his first cubbies hat

watermelon and trucks with Jackie 

 Lulu sneaking in some snuggles too
 we've been enjoying the fabulous weather with lots of time outside.  Holden is a great big brother and took D down his first slide!
 one of the new fave games...

he also got his first swing ride...i think he liked it!
 the lunch of champions... Banana Dogs
 Story Time with Grandpa
 and a hug from the cow
 trying to hold her little brother
he's my happy baby
 Sunday Best
 a perfect way to start the day...sweet giggles
 my lovies planting me flowers  and picking weeds outside the kitchen window  
 pretty pretty girl
 Nana came to play!
 Cool Dude

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