Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Month of Pictures

in May...

 there was a lot of this
and even more of these sweet faces
D learned to love corn on the cob

so much he wanted to save some for later
he also quite enjoyed his spaghetti...just following in his brother's footsteps
and water from a sippy is the new normal
my 3 kids began playing together, 

I had a LOT of quality time with this little one as his top teeth were pushing their way through

i received some sweet loving and Mother's Day cards from my littles

we painted Meow's toes to be like Nora's
 Daddy and Davis looked super snazzy for mother's day

 we caught the rain in cups
 My buddy brought me lots of flowers

 Davis and I enjoyed some good ole vitamin D

this baby started his journey with crawling

we stayed up late taking silly pics as a family

Davis and LuLu had some good bonding time
Little D got his first BooBoo
 We went home and spent a lot of time on the screened in porch. 
hanging out with Big Poppy

 and Nana

 and then some snoozing....this is a RARE moment.  This kid never falls asleep in someone's arms!

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