Friday, June 7, 2013

Preschool Graduation

The twins first year of preschool ended last week.  Ms. Ami was a great first teacher and they loved going each week.  When i first signed up for just one day a week, the preschool director said that many times that was not a good idea for kids in the 2's class because if they had any attachment/drop-off issues they would never get used to it.  I wasn't too worried about the twins for they have never been hard to leave places--and school was no different.  Not only was each and every drop-off easy, they never looked back.  School was fun and they loved playing with their friends.  It was a great first year and we are all looking forward to 2 days a week next year in the 3's class. 

lead teacher: Ms. Ami
teacher's assistant: Ms. Giselle
The end of the year ceremony was much better and a lot less hectic than the Christmas program (thankfully).  Daddy was even able to take off work and be there. Davis kept pretty quiet throughout the program--as long as we kept food in his mouth!
 waving to the parents
the Pledge of Allegiance 
Holden was with a group of particular "squirrelly" kids--it was hard to see him at times
the sweet little graduates...i can't believe i'll be looking at my little ones in the outfit one day!
 best buds
 family photo

during the program, the little kids sang a series of songs.  in true fashion, Nora did everything perfectly...all the motions and words, taking it all very seriously.  Holden on the other hand would have nothing to do with least he wasn't helping rip the cord off the ground.  Later when i asked him why he didn't sing, he told me that "sister sings, mom.  i just wanna look at the fish."  funny sweet boy.

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