Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little D's Nursery

I realized when taking D's latest pics that i never posted the finished nursery.  I still don't have a good floor lamp for the changing table and i have yet to get his newborn pics framed and up on the wall...but he's 8 months old... so i guess i'll go ahead and post the nursery pics without the "finishing touches". 

view from the door
simple bed this bumpers, i just got a cute airplane blanket and lined the bottom of the crib with matching ribbon
To save a little money i painted all of D's artwork.  I'm no artist, i just copy things i see pretty well. 
modified mobile
Airplanes and Animals...boys favorite things :) 
and a video camera/sound machine, which is mom and dad's favorite things!
baby and his room

Shelf of things

Changing Table, Diapers and Toys

 and the best craigslist find ever!  we gave up the overhead light for this gem, but i love it.  basically it was all the right colors, we just painted orange over what was originally red.  perfect!

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The Castor Family said...

This is soo cool! You really have a gift! Wanna come and do my kids rooms?