Monday, June 10, 2013

Pullen Park

On Memorial Day we decided to go to Pullen Park in Raleigh.  In my 4 years of college i never once went to Pullen Park, but heard about it many times.  Although it seems the rest of the city had similar plans as us, it wasn't frustratingly crowded...just busy.  The kids had a great time on the paddle boats, ridding the train, and on the carousel.  There is of course an actual playground as well..but by the time we had our picnic and rode the rides we were all tired and ready to go home.  

 Holden was insistant that he wanted to ride the one goat on the carousel.  at first i was worried we wouldn't get it, as there was only one.  but after waiting in line a few times and noticing no one ever rode the goat, i stopped worrying.  it takes a unique little boy to choose the goat over the lions, horses, and giraffes. Haha.  Love my Holden. 

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