Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4-Legged Update

I feel the need to confess. (especially to you LT!) 

after Little D was born, we had some problems with our kitty, Oliver.  He always had some issues with urinating that would drive me crazy, but after moving to NC--it became a constant problem, and then after D was born it literally happened daily.  We were at our wits end, and looking at other options for him.  Thankfully Mike's brother, Kevin, offered to take Oliver.  My hormonal "just had a baby" self, was very conflicted about the whole thing, but my sensible husband assured me this was best.  He was totally right.  Oliver now get all the attention he could ever want from his new daddy, Kevin.  AND in bigger news--Lulu, has come out of her shell.  Once a skiddish and non-social kitty--she now is very social and perfectly content in our home.  Apparently Oliver was very dominating with her and now that he is gone, she's much happier.  Lulu is now a part a big part of our family and looks after our 3 littles just like another mommy.  She sleeps in the twins rooms, bugs us when it's after bedtime and comes downstairs crying at my feet when Davis is crying. She's like a whole new cat. 

here's Ollie with Kevin

In other pet news...we rescued a turtle from the middle of a road about a month ago.  We put him in a bag and took him back to the house with us to show him to the twins, and then next thing i know--i have two big eyes looking at me asking me if we can keep him.  --and those eyes were from my husband! 

So now we have a turtle.  His name is Linus.  He is pretty cool.  I just can't believe i have to take care of him during this deployment.  It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't eat bugs and small frogs.  Talk about grossing me out.  But my husband and kiddos adore him--so i'm taking one for the team--although he's gonna have to learn to be more of a vegetarian in the next 9 months!  You definitely won't catch me outside at 10pm catching baby frogs like Mike.  ugh. 

 Linus in his first temporary home
watching their new roommate 

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NoPermanentAddy said...

So happy Ollie has a good home- you know I have a love for those orange kitties! And the fact that Lulu is so sweet now? WIN-WIN!!!

I'm with you on the turtle though... eek!