Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This is a long one...i guess the summer months bring more fun and therefore more pics...
the first few are leftover's from May that didn't make it in the last "random" post--but they are too cute not to post ;)

Little D and his summer sun hat...
 we are a berry-eating family...blackberries are especially favored around here
exhibit A
 exhibit B
exhibit C 
 just a typical day with my littles
 back in May, i walked into D's room and found him sitting up like this... no more laying down and crying...he's a big boy.  notice how he rips down his bumpers every time he's in his crib...but without them we have to make multiple trips to save his limbs in the middle of the night. 
 happy sitting in his crib
 i visited preschool on field day to watch the kids play.  i was a little late for the organized portion, but i did get to see what they do at school...

monkey bars 

 and storytime...the only 4 girls in the room are sitting in the back right, shoulder to shoulder--and you can't tell but Holden is right up front by Mrs. Ami's feet. 

love this shot of D.  We spent the evening with some friends who were camping out--we're not quite ready for that yet, but it was a fun and beautiful evening to be outside. 
 making s'mores
 these twins melt my heart

 this smile and those eyes also melt my heart

on to June pics...

we brought out D's pool--of course the twins had to try it out too

and Pop Pop got a new pool too..
but the toys aren't so new...
Dad had kept a bucket of my old toys...the twins enjoyed sifting through the treasures

Super Heroes have been a big hit around here lately

Captain America and The Hulk facing off

Batgirl and Captain America out for a walk
even though our little girl picked out the batgirl costume over dolls and princess stuff...she's still girly enough to take care of her baby.  I just love that girl!

 Brothers and their trains

Mike took a quick business trip to Tampa...he met the other Hulk. 
 Library story time in the summer is much more exciting!  usually we are 2 of about 5 kids...
 loving the puppet show
 davis making silly faces
 cause you needed a close up of this fabulousness
 we've had a lot of rainy days...
we spent one at the nature center.  they should really work on their boy dress up attire...a bee skirt and blue wings was the best we could do. 
 baby alligator

it's normal to find meow in any of D's baby equipment throughout the house...she's just taking care of her baby!
 our neighbor added some flamingos to his yard decorum...the kids were really interested the first few weeks and wanted to go "ride them"
i should really have devoted a whole other post to this ...but THIS NAKED BOY IS NOW POTTY TRAINED! 

whew...i was beginning to think he was gonna get married in diapers.  
 a brown sucker for making his first "brown" in the potty! TMI, i know.
 the twins like to get in with D...D likes them to play with him.  Mom gets a break. Everyone is happy. 
 shortly after sitting up on his own came this--really really big boy
  i had the pleasure of meeting this handsome little fella--Benjamin Isaac Tetter.  Megan and Thomas did a great job growing this little one.  He was sporting Holden and Davis' cute little overalls on the day I met him... made my heart melt a little bit more!
 oh, don't you just wanna squeeze all those cheeks!
 first VBS ...Nora loved it. 
 my first sweet boy and his sweet sweet smile

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