Sunday, July 21, 2013


Our first two days at the beach were filled with lots of rain, thankfully after that the rest of the week was absolutely beautiful.  We spent every second we could out on the beach and here's the pictures to prove it. 

A little break in the rain on our first day...we took the kids out to check out the sand.

Stormy skies and sun all at the same time!

Hey Pop Pop, whatcha doing?

sweet brothers

Playing with Daddy

They were obsessed with getting the sand off...they kept dipping in the buckets of water to get clean!

Mike was on a sand castle mission all week.  The tide had a mission of it's own, too...

Dancing Queen


getting a ride on the bodyboard

Hanging out with Pop Pop and Grandma


Me and my baby

 everybody loves watermelon

 checking out the waves with Pop Pop

 saying goodbye to the beach on our last morning

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