Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daddy Our Hero

here's the rest of the pics we took before Daddy left and a little story to go with them too.  

this fence is in my friend's old neighborhood.  i have been driving by it for a while and keep meaning to take some pictures with it.  what better opportunity? 

the fence is on the side of the street, across from a row of houses.  it's pretty easy to figure out which house painted the flag, since the house also has an american flag mailbox, multiple flags hanging around the house and other USA gear all over the place.  Again, we aren't in anyone's yard or anything...just on the side of the street by the sidewalk.  We've been taking pictures for a while and an older man comes out of the house, obviously a bit eccentric.  He has longish hair, an obvious war injury and he's wearing nothing but his underwear! 

He watches us for a while and then shouts from his porch to us "hey, that's my fence".  I turn around, smile and respond that I really liked it and does he mind that we are taking pictures.  He said "of course not" and just wanted us to send him a photo.  He then apologized for his 'indecency" and then continued to stand right there in plain view in his tighty-whities, smoking a cigarette watching us and waving to the kids.  Writing this, it sounds a bit creepy--but it wasn't.  Just comical.  And i do fully intend to drop a photo in his mailbox to keep my end of the deal with a note of thanks on the back, cause i do really love these pictures and that flag was the perfect backdrop. 

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NoPermanentAddy said...

These are amazing. And that story is HILARIOUS. Thinking about you all.