Thursday, April 17, 2014

March Must-Sees

playing catch-up again.... but here's the highlights from last month and how we spent our time before Daddy came home. 

i went to a baby shower for my friend Jessica. this is here and her daughter Madeline. 
Jackie, Hillary and Sweet Baby Judah
and these are a couple of the sweet onesies we made for baby Abigail

we visited the children's museum again.  this time the boys got into the dress-up too!

Silly Boys.... doing their best "Pete" impression from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Reading with Davis-- we read this book about 10 times a day for weeks
picking "flowers"  or weeds, but whatever ;)

Jack hung out with us one weekend.  These 3 had a blast. 

This little guys is always at my feet...especially when i'm trying to get ready

we had some seriously gorgeous days and we were all so happy to be out of the house

D actually sitting still and watching the TV.  it only lasted about 2 minutes, haha. 

Nora drew a picture of her Daddy

We went to the planetarium at FSU with the kids' preschool class.  These 4 kids are always so cute together and they loved seeing all the planets and stars. 

reading like they always do...i do love these sweet kids. 

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