Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Speaking of Little D

i have a random assortment of pictures from the past few months that have nothing in common except that they are of him.  

the baby who makes me laugh all day long...

veggies velcro'd to his bum

 eating dinner at 10pm cause he refused to eat when we did and then cried for 2 hours in bed because he was hungry. 
 ball. ball. ball. ball. ball. ball.
 just minding his business, busy being the cutest thing to ever sit on a couch
 killing time at the pet store and eating cheerios 
 oh the tragedy
 totally excited about some skype with PopPop--he can't get close enough, haha. 
 wiggles and missing a shoe.  what's new?
 lovin' meow
 more momma...
 stinker face 
 this child LOVES a balloon.  
 burns 3.0, still wearing the fruit basket as a hat...can such a thing run in the family?
 big boy slide
 insisting on putting it on himself. 
 oh for the love of cookies :)
 breakfast with Snoopy
 and upside down Daddy
 best hair ever
 helping me cook

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