Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mommy's Weekend Away

a week before mike got back, i had the opportunity to take a little mommy time.  miracle of all miracles ;) most of my meredith girls were able to take a weekend away to relax at the beach and enjoy some 'girl-time'.  

thanks to my dad and anne, i was able to take an extra 2 days away to get some other things done, like summer shopping, movie catch-ups and friend time that i hadn't had an opportunity to do in a while. 

This is my first picture of the trip...a car selfie!  never thought i'd catch myself doing this, but first time away without kids in close to 2 years deserves a picture, yes? 
first stop was visiting this sweet lady.  emily and i met while working at caswell 12 yeas ago. I haven't seen her since my wedding. As much as life has changed since then, it was wonderful to catch up with an old friend and i'm so thankful for sweet friendships that pick up right where you left off! 

here's my meredith girls.  
megan, sarah lynn, me, jennie, kayla, michelle, and dee.  not pictures due to geographic distances and responsibilities are tara, heidi and amanda.  of course we always miss you guys!
We spent our weekend talking A LOT, playing games, eating, beaching and getting our nails done.  It was so great to catch up with everyone and i can't believe it has taken us 8 years to do this.  spoken plans have been made for next year.  i sure hope it works out again!

a beautiful view to calm my soul
and great friends that make my heart happy
sweet baby audry, who was just one of the girls for the weekend
pedicures.  i didn't get the flip-flop memo.

we rock at games 
card shark ;)

of course as much fun as i did have, coming home was pretty sweet too.  4 days without my littles made me eager for lots of snuggles! oh how i love my babies. 

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