Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I'm a little late on the monthly update but hopefully my love will be home tomorrow night, so i thought i'd sneak in an update before he gets back.

We finally made our way to the end.  This past month has been a breath of fresh air after the long and lonely winter we've had.  We've been outside, we've played a lot, and we've been happy.  With the end in sight, everything else just seemed more bearable. 

With a month left to go, we celebrated by going to Walmart to pick out our favorite candy and make countdown jars. The jars have been great.  The kids really seem to grasp that Daddy is coming home when the eggs (their candy of choice) is gone.  Thankfully the departure plan has stayed on track and i haven't had to adjust the number of eggs!  Holden would have totally noticed and been bothered by it :)

So yeah, if all goes as planned i'll be picking up my hubby tomorrow night, midnightish.  It won't be the big homecomings you have seen in past pictures...just a few soldiers coming home, being picked up at their office.  No matter how it happens though, the excitement is the same.  I can hardly wait to have my family back together.  Check back soon for pics!

Countdown Jars


Nicole Rebello said...

I have no idea how I found your Blogger...but honestly it has been such an encouragement. My husband is currently looking into his options in the Military. At first I was scared to death but after praying about it both together and apart I've felt alittle more peace (which was also something I noticed about your blog...your belief in God). However, I do still find myself looking up the horror stories of deployment, maybe to prepare myself? Since we've been married we have spent a total of 6 months apart which was a space of time I spent in Africa for a missions trip. That was hard but for some reason military deployment seems so daunting. Anyways! Your posts shed some light on the situation. It doesn't look so dark to travel, even though in your sad posts of missing your husband I caught myself almost crying! All in all I am happy you are back with your love and just wanted to say thank you for helping settle my restless heart (even if you didn't know it) Blessings to your family!

Nicole Rebello said...
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